Our Archives section is currently under reorganization, to better allow the public access to the Inge Center's remarkable trove of materials of theater expertise and history. For now, some of our archival videos and materials is available. Find below links to information from our past Festivals, and extended video interviews with selected Honorees.

Below is an interview with Jerome Lawrence, as a sample of the many videos of our Honorees who share their expertise and insights.

Jerome Lawrence on his play "The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail" 

Jerome Lawrence half of the writing duo of Lawrence and Lee, was a Peabody Award winner, Broadway playrwright and a fervent adovocate for the William Inge Theatre Festival and its mission to honor American playwrights. Additional major works of Lawrence and Lee include INHERIT THE WIND and AUNTIE MAME. This video is just a sliver of video from the archives of hundreds of hours of interviews with great American playwrights who have been honored at the William Inge Theatre Festival.

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