Our Donors

Angel-$10,000 +
Independence Community College, Kansas Department of Commerce Creative Arts Industries Commission, William Inge Festival Foundation

Playwright - $5000 to $9999

Independence Chamber of Commerce Convention and Visitors Bureau, The Family of William Inge

Director - $1000 to $4999
Rick and Ellen Goheen, Tim and Barbara Emert, Inge Family Estate, Hugo's Industrial Supply, Kym Kays, Bill and Jackie Oakes, Eileen Robertson, Mark and Kathy Woods, Ray Woods

Benefactor - $500 - $999
Joni Arredia, Sam and Karen Forrer, Elizabeth Moore, Gary Morrison, Philip Middleton Williams

Patron - $250-$499
Valerie Andruss, Lee and Claudia Barewin, Jackson Bryer, Barbara E. Carpenter, Emert, Dean and Jodi Hayes, Georgia High, Jim & Eloise Kelly, Colby Kullman, Donald Marguiles, Liz Moore, Elizabeth Morton, Laurie Rutland, Al and Kathleen Sewell, Jana Shaver, Leseley and Gary Simpson, Thomas J. Snyder, Jim Tuschman, Dr. Ralph F. Voss, Micky and Donna Webb, Standard Motor Products

Sponsor - $100-$249
Susan Alder, Gigi Bolt, Paula Brown, William Buckles, Norm and Marge Castagna, Tracye Caughell, Mark and Leslie Coder, Val DeFever,  Eileen Fitzpatrick, Jim Hayward Fine Art Gallery, Terry Hugo, Sarah Ingram-Eiser, Jean Lundt, Jim and Pam and Bill Kantor, Eloise Kelly, Robert and Deborah Kelly, Terrence McNally, Sharon Ann Miller, Gary Mitchell, Liz Moore, Tom and Tammy Pettijohn, Patrick Porter, Elanie L. Rankin,Justin and Virginia Scheuer, Marlene Schlatter, Barbara Schmidt, Albert Sewell, SEKTAM of Independence, Rebecca Smith, Pete Walterscheid, Glenda Weathers, Ronald West, Michael Wood, Judith Zivanovic.

Friend - Donation of up to $99
Wilma T. Andrews, Terri Barbera, Kathryn Breeden, Karen Bridges, Diane Capps, Dan and Judy Carroll, John Confer, Daniel Desjardins, Eric S. Fitzgerald, Eileen Fitzpatrick, Verna Foster, Martha Gordon, Kelly Druten Green, David Hanson, William Hughes Herman Johansen, Michael and Mary Kadel, Carol Leighton, Felicia and Venne Londre, Jeffrey Loomis, Bonnie Mccoskey, Ron and Margaret Mordy, Brian Murray, Newkirk, Dennis & Buckles, Pasternak-Johnson, Robert Meiners, Meagan Moore, Ron Osborn, Margo Patterson, Bruce Peterson, Anne Phelan, Robin Prosini, Patricia Raglin, Ronald Schaeffer, Thomas and Karen Sewell, Judy Shifrin, David Smart, Chris Steineger, Keli Tuschman, Vicki Vodrey, Ronald West, Philip Williams, Shari Wilson, Ben and Lynn Wright.

Ken and Becky Brown, Anna DeCoste, The Dramatists Guild, Independence Community College, Quality Toyota, Quality Motors, Roman Motors, Sonic of Independence, Theatre Communications Group, Hasselmann's, Twigs Floral, Tim Valentine, Winkleman's, O'Malley Equipment.