ROOTED: THE GREENSBURG ODYSSEY             May 5, 2012 


The Inge Center is proud to develop and present exciting original new work by playwrights of today.

In May of 2012, the Inge Center presented "Rooted: The Greensburg Odyssey," by Marcia Cebulska, directed by Laurie Woolery, and with original music by Kelley Hunt. It was produced in partnership with the Inge Center at Independence Community College, Cornerstone Theater of Los Angeles and the 5.4.7 Arts Center of Greensburg, Kansas. Ms. Cebulska interviewed the residents of Greensburg, who spoke of their struggles and recovery in the aftermath of the devastating tornado of 2007. The Greensburg residents then performed in the resulting play, which took place during the commemoration ceremonies on the 5th anniversary of the tragedy. The performance helped raise funds for the completion of Greensburg's newly reconstructed Twilight Theatre.


Please click the above video for more about the extraordinary production of "Rooted." Below is a video about the 5th Anniversary commemoration ceremonies held in Greensburg May, 2012.