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36th William Inge Theater Festival - CALL FOR PLAYS







Nobody is bored when he is trying to make something that is beautiful, 

 or to discover something that is true. ~William Inge

Emerging playwrights from across the nation have been selected to further develop their stories at the Midwest’s distinctive theater festival in a small Kansas town, where story-telling still lives on front porches of gentle evenings.

The New Play Lab of the 36th Annual William Inge Theater Festival and Conference, a partnership between Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission and Independence Community College, will host 36 outstanding writers from 15 states for the second annual New Play Lab. The Lab takes place April 19-22, during the Inge Festival, the Official Theatre Festival of the State of Kansas.

The scripts, chosen “blind” by a panel of theater artists from across the nation, are rehearsed by top regional directors and actors, in preparation for a public reading for conference and Festival attendees.  Producing partner Kokopelli Theater of Kansas City, MO, casts and rehearses in advance of the Festival, enabling the writers chosen to do a final edit before presentation. A panel of Master Writers and select theater professionals serves as respondents to each work, following the reading.

Play Lab writers join Festival patrons nationwide for panel discussions, lectures, workshops with master playwrights and theater practitioners, evening performances, and the many social events the Festival offers.

The 2017 Inge Festival New Play Lab (in alpha order by title):

2045, by Scott Lummer
A Moment of Clarity by Philip Middleton Williams
A Punchline, by Michael Schwartz
A String Between Man and the World, by Paige Zubel
Actias Luna – On the Origin of Madness, by Susan Kathryn Hefti
Angels We Have Heard, by Gordon LePage
Bitch Brow, by Demetra Kareman

Break Room, by Rachel Bublitz
Briefing, by Simon Bowler
Coming up for Air, by Marie Amthor Schuett
Ebony People, by Steve Gold
Every Concentrated Fragment, by Susan Hansell
Facility, by Phil Darg
Five Days in Calcutta, by Fred Perry
Following Through, by Daniel Hurewitz
FONDUES and FOND DON'TS by Big Daddy Don Parker
How to be Lazy and Not Feel Guilty, by Drew Petriello
I, Phone, by J. Gulotta
Inherent, by K.J. Dwyer
Johnny Shoemaker, by Rand Higbee
Just Add Water, by John Remington
Like a Billion Likes, by Erik Forrest Jackson
Little Red, by Fengar Gael
Love and Country, by Alex Rubin
Loverboy, by Staci Swedeen
Lured, by Frank J. Avella
Ocotillo, by Anna Nicholas
Pillow of Tears, by Lynda Crawford
Posters, by Olivia Reevell
Registered, by Drew Lewis
She Keeps This Family Together, by Kay Phillips
That Bee Gees Song, by Seth McNeill
This Isn’t a Horror Story, by Matthew A Everett
To Grandmother’s House, by Monica McCarthy
Transgress, by Alan Olejniczak

High School Scholarship Winner:
Occupancy of a Disrupted Mind, by Luke Wallace


Please Note: an additional 9 plays have been wait-listed for any slots that open up.

We will notify those writers who are alternates via email tomorrow.

Thank you for your interest!