William Inge Theatre Festival Foundation Board and Steering Committee

William Inge Foundation Board of Directors


Todd Young, President

Additional members

Gigi Bolt
Jackson Bryer
Ken Brown
Paula Kirchmaier Brown
Tim Emert
Kevin Mahan
Deatrea Rose
Lisa Wilson
Mike Wood
Jack Wright

Ex officio members

Dr. Vincent Bowhay
Bruce Peterson
Sarah Owens

Trust officer

Janet Tucker, Community National Bank

Inge Festival Steering Committee

The William Inge Center Steering Committee is comprised of area residents who provide vital feedback and planning ideas.


Liz Bennin
Amy Bloomfield
Bruce Peterson
Leslie Coder
Val DeFever
Hayley Hinthorn
Kym Kays
Paul Molnar
Meagan Moore
Stacy Near
Liz Reynolds
Courtlynn Rose
Lea Shepard
Leseley Simpson
Tabatha Snodgrass
Joel Williams
Lisa Wilson
Marg Yaroslaski
Todd Young