Our Sponsors

The William Inge Festival Foundation was founded in 1981 and supports all William Inge Center for the Arts programs. The Foundation aids with Inge Theater Festival expenses, such as bringing in guest artists and sustaining educational outreach. It also owns and maintains the historic William Inge Family Home, used as a playwright and artist residency.

Producer – $5,000 – higher

The William Inge Festival Foundation, The William Inge Family Estate

Director – $1000 – $4999

Rick and Ellen Goheen, Tim and Barbara Emert, James D. Fischer, Kym Kays, Liz Moore, Ronald Osborn, Mike Thompson

Benefactor – $500 – $999

JC Marshall Douglas

Patron – $250-$499

Jackson Bryer, Barbara Carpenter, Al Sewell, Jack and Judith Wright

Sponsor – $100-$249

Gigi Bolt, Scott Capes, Mark Coder, Garen Cox Trust, Val DeFever, Donna Demo, Jim Hayward Fine Art, Hannah Joyce, Jim & Eloise Kelly, Jean Lundt, William Newkirk, W E & Mrs. Oakes, Ray Rothgeb, James Rowe, Jessie Salisbury, Barbara Schmidt, Tom and Karen Sewell, Susan Scovel, Lea Shepard, Dr. Cynthia Sherwood, Grant and Cyndy Sherwood, Patrick Vail, Ralph Voss and Glenda Weathers, Gail Woltkamp, Mike Wood, Raymond Woods, Todd Young, Judith Zivanovic

Friend – Donation of up to $99

Phyllis Amick, Wilma Andrews, Leigh Beeson, Hannah Brooks, Liz Cameron, Judith Carroll, Lorraine Emmot, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Eileen Fitzpatrick, Eric Fritzgerald, Edward Funston, Tiffini Gregory, Ron Harley, Judy Harris, Marsha and David Hayse, Richard Hellesen, James and Terry Hogan, Jason Huffman, Elizabeth Kasper, Kevin King, Andrew and Vera Livingston, Jeffrey Loomis, Coleman McCollum, Becky Miessler, Dee Molnar, Mory Family Trust, Aubrey Near, Bruce Peterson, Patrick and Billie Porter, Patricia Raglin, Sandra Rollison, Marie Scoval, Jeannie Sexton, Leseley Simpson, Jenny Soper, John Stafford, Mary Tietlebaum, Janet Tucker, Mark Valdez, Brandon West, Amanda White

In Memory Donors

Donna Meyer, in memory of Lucille Gibson Thompson

Sponsors of the 2019 William Inge Theater Festival

Annual Sponsors provide direct support for the William Inge Theater Festival. Sponsorships support set building and construction, guest artist travel, and subsidized tickets for youth and community groups.

Executive Producer Level ($1,000)

Calcor Clothing/Hugo’s Industrial Supply; Express Employment Professionals

Director Level ($550)

Demo Distributing; First Oak Bank Independence; Lea Shepard; Quality Toyota; Roman’s Motor Company

Writer Level ($400)

Ane Mae’s; Cobalt Boats; Magnolias Scents by Design; Labette Health; Standard Motor Products; Lesley Simpson; Winkleman’s Garden Center

Patron level ($200)

Confectionate/Jim Hayward Fine Arts; Marge Castagna; Keith Confer; Derailed Commodity; Equity Bank; Midwest Real Estate; O’ Malley’s Equipment; Shanks Oil; Cindi Sherwood and Byrle Gross; Mike and Margaret Wood; Woods Lumber of Independence; Twigs Floral and Gifts

Additional Sponsors ($100)

Jackson Bryer, Terry Clark, Val Defever, Jana Shaver; Paul Viets; Lisa Wilson

In-Kind Donors

Ken and Becky Brown; Cornerstone Fitness; Marcus Hamilton, Independence Board of Realtors; Independence Community College; Independence Public Library; Kym Kays, Quality Motors Toyota; Roman Motors; Ron Osborn; Sonic of Independence, Tom Sewell CPA; Hasselmann’s, Twigs Floral, Winkleman’s, O’Malley Equipment.