Independence Community College

The exterior of the fine arts building at Independence Community College.

The William Inge Center for the Arts is one of the proud traditions of Independence Community College, also home of the William Inge Collection.  The Collection is located within the college library, and the Inge Center offices are in the ICC Fine Arts Building.  For more information or to enroll, visit

Theater Program at Independence Community College

The Inge Center is an integral part of the Theater program at Independence Community College. This relationship affords ICC Theater students the guidance of more professional theater artists than any other two-year program in the country.
The William Inge Center for the Arts at Independence Community College offers Theatre Arts students a unique educational experience, which affords them direct contact with more professional guest artists than any other College or University in Kansas. ICC students join an ensemble in which they learn, work, and grow together through a specialized system of training, as they earn a transferable Associate of Arts Degree in Theater Performance or Technical Theatre. Theater Arts students perform in or help craft main-stage productions in a variety of styles ranging from American Classics to Chekov to Shakespeare to contemporary World Premieres, and are an active and integral part of the William Inge Festival.
The Theater Department, located in the Fine Arts Building, is home to the renowned and publically acclaimed William Inge Theater Festival, which is the Official Theater Festival of the State of Kansas.   Named for William Inge, the Pulitzer Prize and Academy Award-winning writer, an alumnus of ICC, this annual festival honors the craft of playwriting and theater, and offers students the opportunity to work with professionals in the fields of acting, directing, writing and technical theater.
Theater professors are Paul Molnar and Joel Williams.
You can find more information about the Theatre program at Independence Community College here: