William Inge’s Childhood Home

Inge House

Owned by the William Inge Festival Foundation, the William Inge Family Home is located at 514 N. 4th St. It is used by visiting artists working with the Inge Center for the Arts and Independence Community College, as well as for Inge Festival performances and other events. Since 2002, more than 50 guest artists have lived at the Inge House for extended residencies.

The house greatly influenced the stories of Bill Inge, whose family lived there from 1914 to 1930, when he was a toddler through his young adulthood.

In 2017, the Inge House was selected to be placed on the National Historic Register. With this prestigious designation, the William Inge Festival Foundation launched an extensive renovation and restoration plan. Modern metal siding was removed to reveal the original clapboard siding and fish scale gables. The siding and gables were repainted and repaired. A wooden porch swing was hung. In addition, the roof was replaced and heating and cooling systems were replaced and updated.

The plans for the house continue with repair of window sashes, refurbishment of the staircase and flooring, and repairs to the interior walls.

Visit this National Register of Historic Places page to read more about the William Inge Home and William Inge.