We stand with black playwrights and theater artists.

Black Lives Matter

Black lives matter. The Inge Center stands with black playwrights and black theater artists, and we commit to uplifting their voices now and into the future.

The murder of George Floyd and the ensuing protests around the world are a watershed moment in America’s identity and future. As an organization that celebrates American playwrights and the multiplicity of stories they tell, we consciously commit to ending institutional racism in our own organization. We vow to use this moment of reckoning to engage in truly meaningful change.

But words without actions are empty, and we acknowledge that we haven’t done enough. So we will actively work to dismantle the inherited structural racism built into our systems of power, decision making, and programming, and endeavor to build a diverse and compassionate environment for underrepresented artists.

We are ready to take a hard look at how our institution perpetuates inequity and exclusion, and commit to changing those aspects of our organization in a meaningful and transparent way. With a thoughtful, long term approach, we will make this our ongoing work. 

While the responsibility for change lies squarely on us, we welcome your advice and guidance, your voice and perspective, asking to be held accountable on the important journey ahead.

Yours in conviction and hope,

The William Inge Center